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Rent your vehicle in Aruba one of the top A1 condition cars. And choice from our wide range of car fleet.

How we work

We offer FREE PICK-UP and drop off to and from your hotel. Whatever you choose, it’s nice to have a “friend” in Aruba.

Our online, 3 day and weekly rates are discounted 5%.

Email us at  for seasonal specials, and long term rentals.

Rates do not include:
sales tax of 3.5%

Hold a valid Driver’s License
Valid Credit Card
$300 cash deposit/credit card deposit




Car Type*:


Pickup date*:

Pick up location*:



* Fill the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.


Liability insurance is always included in the standard rates.


The coverage of the optional insurance is as follows:

By accepting the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) you are limiting your responsibility to US $1000,00 for Cars and US $3000,00 for Vans & SUV’s.

By accepting the CDW + (Collision Damage Waiver Plus ) you are limiting your responsibility to US $300,00 for Cars and US $1000, for Vans & SUV’s

If damage to the rental vehicle has occurred in a collision not by fault of the renter, liability depends on the insurance of the third party. In the event that the third party is not insured or cannot be held liable, the renter will be held liable for any damage to the rental vehicle or to their purchased insurance deductible.

On the moment this insurance is accepted, we will give the renter all details in written what all the insurance is covering.

The rates for the optional insurances are:

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) for all rental vehicle daily $10,00

CDW + (Collision Damage Waiver plus) for cars daily US $20,00 and US $30,00 for vans and suv’s .


Terms and Conditions

  1. Only the customer of the vehicle as mentioned in the agreement is authorized to drive the vehicle, as well as the person(s) mentioned in the agreement as additional driver(s).in case there is an accident and the driver is not mentioned in the agreement as customer and/or as additional driver, and consequently is not authorized to drive the vehicle, the insurance becomes invalid (lapses) and costumer is completely responsible for all direct and indirect loss.
  2. Optional insurance is valid only with a police report, the optional insurance doesn’t cover the following situations: one way accidents, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, hitting rocks or stones, off road driving, and damages to third part exceeding US $50.000,00 . If you don’t accept the optional insurance, you are responsible for the total amount of loss.
  3. Damages and losses will charge as Car Dealer prices
  4. Driving off-road and on white sand is not allowed, any damage to the vehicle due to off-road or white sand is for customer’s account, including towing services.
  5. In case of an accident call the police at tel. 911 and our office at tel.+297- 7354999 /5828045 . Our employee will help you to obtain the necessary information. An accident report must be filled out.
  6. Return the vehicle as agreed , if there is any change about time ,date or place notify us one (1) hour before the time at tel. 5828045 or 7354999
  7. Due early flight or arrival at the airport public parking is a charge of $10,=
  8. Removal of sticker(s) will result in a charge of US $30,00 per sticker
  9. It is not allowed to smoke in the rental vehicle, will result in a charge of US $300,00 .
  10. The cost to repair a flat tire is US $15,00 , flat tire need to be change by the renter. Operated or damage tire will charge as Dealer prices.
  11. Sale tax will be added to your final bill.
  12. The customer is at all times directly responsible to SPEED CAR RENTAL for all damages, the customer declares to pay these damages before leaving the island.
  13. The customer gives SPEED CAR RENTAL the power of attorney to use any credit card or company card if necessary to pay the damages
  14. I understand that declining the CDW or not acting in accordance with the rental agreement and the additional conditions, I am responsible for any and all loss, damage, towing etc… of the vehicle regardless of the question of who is the blame.
  15. Customer understand that any agreement I have with mine credit card or mine insurance in reference to the covering for damage to the rental vehicle is between me and mine credit card or mine insurance
  16. At all times, I will be directly responsible to SPEED CAR RENTAL for all damages, loss etc… of the rented vehicle and hereby I authorize SPEED CAR RENTAL  to charge my credit card with the respective amount to pay, whether on the same moment after leaving the island
  17. SPEED CAR RENTAL have 24/7 road service and is ALL THE WAY FREE, call +297 568 6464.


 SPEED CAR RENTAL have free shuttle service from the airport, FREE pick –up and return to the airport, FREE mileage , NO airport tax ,Fast service and LOW  rates.


Our professional team is friendly and looking forward to welcome you in our sunny island Aruba ….